The Uncomfotable @ Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

What a fun and interactive weekend we had back in December 2019 in Paris at the festival full of mini exhibitions and events all dedicated to failure and mistakes at Cité des sciences et de l’industrie!

Failure is an integral part of innovation processes. Constructive and necessary, it facilitates learning and sometimes gives rise to unexpected or surprising inventions.

The Uncomfortable was part of the mini exhibition of unusual objects and it was an absolute honor to showcase my work next to objects originally designed by Jacques Carelman! I also met some awesome people! Samuel West, the founder of the Museum of Failure gave an amazingly funny lecture which I will never forget! And I witnessed the YouTube star Joseph Herscher trying to have soup with a crazy Rube Goldberg machine!

Since the festival was based on interactive experiences I decided to build a new item, a huge red table, in addition to a table I made back in 2017. The new table investigates the movement of approaching the table surface, making it hard to reach.

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