Thank you!!!

I dedicate this Uncomfortable Glass Fan to all of you that took some time out of your life and decided to write me an email!

you are amazing and you bright up my day!

Receiving fan emails is a new thing for me, and it feels wonderful! Thank you!

Many of you ask if the objects you see are for sale. Unfortunately they are not for now! Some of them are handmade prototypes and very difficult to reproduce.  For the ones that were made with molds and can be reproduced I need some time to figure out the logistics of an e-shop!

You can always buy 3d printed miniatures in my shapeways shop.  I bet you didn’t know I had a shapeways shop right? That is because I am the worst sales person ever!  I just updated it too, you can now buy the Uncomfortable Mug in 3d printed poscelain 🙂


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yves foutrelreply
September 23, 2017 at 11:23 pm

ces objets sont-ils en vente.
Je rêve de pouvoir en offrir à mes amis

Johnathan McKinneyreply
December 13, 2017 at 9:04 am

Love your work! I do something a little similar in my free time – Designing objects for use by non-human beings. I don’t consider myself terribly great at it, though. Your explorations into how humans use and design objects is just inspiring. I can only imagine trying to drink out of the Uncomfortable Champagne Glass with my significant other as a cooperative experience, or a teacher giving the forward-leaning Uncomfortable Chair to a student who won’t stop leaning back in their seat. And of course the fan – I’d love to see one that’s built like a waterwheel, only blowing air to the sides.

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