On the cover of brand-eins magazine

The Uncomfortable Rain Boots were chosen to illustrate the cover of Brand Eins magazine, a monthly German economic magazine. The edition 11/2015 had a focus on the theme: economic nonsense

As an afterthought, I am realizing this:

I would probably never have started the Uncomfortable project if it wasn’t for the economic nonsense of the Greek economic crisis.

My decision to steer my career from Architecture to Industrial Design never came through, as I decided to support my country and study in a Greek University. In a country that has no industry to work for. The frustration of learning things with no prospect of applying them in an actual job led me into quitting my studies in Design and going back into Architecture, only to find out that this would be one of the sectors most strongly hit by the economic crisis.

So take a creative and educated person and leave them in a country that has no hope for growth and they will either flee to another country, develop a depression or start a creative project to amuse themselves.

And then upload their work in social media, get recognition and followers and end up getting paid for an illustration on economic nonsense (what gave birth to the project anyway) for a magazine in Germany (you know, many Greek people are very angry with Germany because of the economic crisis).

Amazing and ironic!


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